Impact of Lupus on a Patient

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Impact of Lupus a Chronic Disease Patient's release Elsa 28 years and Kate 27 years Elsa lives in the North of England. After she found out she had Lupus for a period of six years, the doctor consultant advised her that her pregnancy was safe. In 2008, following the birth of her daughter, her kidney malfunctioned. She had not known the impact of the disease on her life. She says that the illness made her long hair thick, which gradually fell off her head. This traumatized her also because of the way people treated her when they learnt she was suffering from Lupus. Elsa felt so damaged physically and physiologically, and made her feel uncertain of plans of having more children. Her future seemed unpredictable (Samsom, 2010). Kate lives in Kent and married. She recalls her childhood that was very stressful due to Lupus symptoms, some of the symptoms include rashes on hand and face which she mistook for allergy. In the teenage years, she developed a scary rash on the nose. She tried covering it, it was still visible, and boys made fun of it. In her 20th year, her health began to deteriorate. What followed was admission to a local hospital for evaluation. She went under hospitalization for four weeks. Attempts for medication were successful, so she recovered and found hope. Her health is stable though she fears pregnancy (Samsom, 2010). Lupus is an autoimmune disease that produces antibodies in the body. The antibodies in turn cause harm to the body in the form of
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