Impact of Marion Barry on Political Perceptions in Washington D.C.

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Impact of Marion Barry on Political Perceptions in D.C. Abstract This paper examines the political life of Marion Barry, former mayor of Washington D.C. and current member of Washington's city council. Barry was arrested and convicted of possession of crack. He has also been linked to a number of other political and personal scandals. This paper attempts to determine: the impact Barry's contemporaries believed his actions would have on his political career; the impact that his actions have had on his political career; how Barry remains politically relevant after a criminal conviction; the role that race plays in Barry's continued political viability; and what Barry's continued political viability say about the current state of racial relations in the United States. Table of Contents Abstract 3 Chapter 1. Introduction 5 Chapter 2. Framing the Problem 7 Chapter 3. Study Questions 11 Chapter 4. Data Collection, Composition, and Reporting 11 Chapter 5. Discussion 12 Chapter 6. Conclusion 17 References 18 Chapter 1: Introduction Marion Shepilov Barry, Jr. may be one of the most divisive politicians of modern times. This should come as no surprise, as Barry's personal and political histories are studies in contrasts. He is or has been a civil rights leader and a person who has made vicious race-based statements about others, an anti-drug crusader and a drug addict, an Eagle Scout and a tax evader, the epitome of a happily married man and a notorious adulterer.

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