Impact of Nursing in a Professional Environment

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The future of the discipline of nursing depends on social and political factors as well as research and theory development. The use of theories by clinical nurses with varying levels of clinical expertise is rapidly increasing. In the past, the nursing profession has relied on the authority of educators, sociologists, psychologists, physiologists and anthropologists to provide answers to nursing problems. The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze a clinical-related practical concern that will impact the nursing professional environment. The United States is lagging behind other nations of the world in fully integrating midwifery into its health care system. “While midwives deliver only 6% of the approximately 220,000 babies in…show more content…
In addition, attempting certain behavior changes will be influenced by the patient’s definition of health. Likewise, the patient’s perception of their current health status will influence the odds that health-enhancing behaviors will be initiated. If the gains are perceived as achievable, patient will be more likely to either begin or to continue health-enhancing behaviors. Finally, patients are to be less empowered to attempt health-enhancing behaviors if the belief is present that the behavior is difficult or the necessary resources unavailable. Barriers to learning can also result from personal values, beliefs, attitudes, lack of motivation, poor self-concept or inadequate comprehension. In addition to the comprehending factors, which Dr. Pender believes have direct effect on expression of behavior, the theorist hypothesizes that a number of what are term “modifying factors” influence behavior expression in an indirect fashion. (Pender, 1995). These factors include such characteristics as biological traits, interpersonal factors, situational factors, and finally, behavioral factors. Examples include such traits as sex and age, or the expectations of a significant other. Primary motivational techniques and the modifying factors help predict the degree to which patients will be empowered to participate in health-promoting behavior. Finally action is predicted to be prompted by certain internal and external

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