Impact of Print Media on Consumer Buying Behaviour

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A Summer Training Report On “IMPACT OF PRINT MEDIA ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR” Submitted for partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of degree Of Master of Business Administration Of CHHATTISGARH SWAMI VIVEKANAND TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY BHILAI (C.G.) Session 2012-14 Supervised By External Guide Supervised By Internal Guide Submitted by: Prof. Gazala Y. Ashraf Chhavi Patel Asst. Prof. Roll No.5057612074 Department of Management MBA- II -Semester Section – A…show more content…
I would not forget to remember Prof. Suresh Pattanayak, Prof. Rupesh Kr. Tiwari and all faculty members for their unlisted encouragement and more over for their timely support and guidance till the completion of our project work. I heartily thank our internal project guide, Dr.R.S.Mohan, Dean , Department of Management, for his guidance and suggestions during this project work. I am extremely thankful to all those persons who have positively helped me and customers who respond my questionnaire, around whom the whole project cycle revolves. | Name: Chhavi Patel Roll.No.: 5057612074 MBA 2nd Semester Section-A Roll.No……… MBA. II Semester Section – ‘A/B’ Roll.No……… MBA. II Semester Section – ‘A/B’ Preface This report presents the research, findings and recommendations resulting from the research, “IMPACT OF PRINT MEDIA ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR”, supported by Prof. Gazala Y. Ashraf and authored by the Dean. The objective was to compile and synthesize information on the status of Consumer perception. In so doing, it lays the foundation for the development of print media management decision support system that will facilitate scientifically sound decision making. The involvement in this project reflects its long-term interest print media activities consistent with its mandate to “promote the orderly, integrated and comprehensive development, use and conservation of the
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