Impact of Promotional Activities at Mall and Consumer Behaviour

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“The Impact of Promotional Activites on Consumers Buying Behaviour at Shopping Malls”

Chapter 1


A ''shopping mall''' or '''shopping centre''' is a building or set of buildings which contain retail units, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit. The population is moving towards the middle class or upper middle class this is resulting in the higher disposable income.
A shopping center enclosed within a large structure; often two or three stories high, often designed around a central atrium; may have numerous stores, as well as entertainment facilities such as movie theaters, fast-food outlets, restaurants, and public areas. A shopping mall, shopping centre,
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It can be used to inform, persuade, and remind target customers about the business and its marketing mix. Some common types of sales promotion include samples, coupons, sweepstakes, contests, in-store displays, trade shows, price-off deals, premiums, and rebates.

Sales promotion acts as a competitive weapon by providing an extra incentive for the target audience to purchase or support one brand over another. It is particularly effective in spurring product trial and unplanned purchases. Most marketers believe that a given product or service has an established perceived price or value, and they use sales promotion to change this price-value relationship by increasing the value and/or lowering the price. Compared to the other components of the marketing mix (advertising, publicity, and personal selling), sales promotion usually operates on a shorter time line, uses a more rational appeal, returns a tangible or real value, fosters an immediate sale, and contributes highly to profitability. shopping mall groups are increasingly using group branding as the basis for promotional activities, emphasizing the security for the customer of knowing that they will receive the same level of mix no matter which ‘branch’ is shopped at. This is similar to the strategies of many chain stores, particularly fast food chains. However, in both the retailers’ cases and that of the shopping malls, localized promotional activities are
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