Impact of Social Media on Physical Appearance Essay

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Many teenagers are going through a hard time. Whether it is walking through a clothing store or watching T.V. The Internet has crashed a dangerous wave of thinspiration in the daily lives of adolescent girls. This craze of thinspiration has damaged minds of innocent children. “ Constant self-criticism and body comparison can easily spin out of control” (Yuskavage 98). Teens feel as if they are supposed to be like the people they see on social media advertisements. What they do not know is that they are their own person. A persons worst enemy is themselves. As humans we tend to give each other and ourselves the hardest time. Whether it is on a low test grade or that a specific part of the body is gaining fat. Social media plays a big …show more content…
Try to always look young may be what is going through their mind. Same thing with role models. What they do affects the people who watch them. Teens at this age do not understand who they are or what they are supposed to be, so they are more influenced than somebody who knows what life has to offer them. Now a days teens are used to feeling belittled. Self-esteem is the feelings you feel about yourself. It can be influenced by the environment you are around. “86% of girls say that social media sites hurt their body confidence” (Barrie 106). Most girls in today’s society are able to do so much more than what they were in the past, but with that freedom comes trials and tribulations. There are so many things all over the world being advertised that it is normal for a girl to get lost. That is where social identity becomes a problem. Social Identity is who you are in the world. For example, a doctor, lawyer, and psychologist are all social identities. Those titles give a person social worth. Bullying causes so many things to surface to the top. Bashing has seen to be what most teens are doing. It is a way for teens to get attention from other people around them. Teens who find out that a person is doing the bashing to get attention is targeted, and put on spot as an attention seeker. Worst things are said about that person, which gives them the attention they want, but not in a good way. “Obsessing
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