Impact of Social Media on Strategy and Marketing

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The concept of Marketing is very simple- it is business success through a process of understanding and meeting customer needs and requirements. (Drummond, Ensor and Ashford, 2008)
Technology now days are changing markets, mainly marketing communication and consumer behaviour. Advance communications like internet and technology leads organization which is market driven become more trained and skilled in how to do business locally and globally.
Recently, marketing strategies have been changed drastically, the way sales forces promote the products and sell them; the communication with the clients, suppliers and staffs, the way organization reach target market share and the way they distribute goods. The basic reason for all this to happen is massive evolution of technology and matching opening of global markets.
Multinational organizations would pursue strategies to achieve their success through technology improvement. Advanced technology has created different environment for marketing. Internet and other new technologies gave new face to the marketing communications. Internet is making huge difference in the marketing methods and recreating the business environment.
Impact of Internet and Technology on Strategy and marketing
"Strategy is the route to achievement of specific objectives and describes how objectives will be reached", (McDonald, 2007, p.298). Marketing strategy
“Marketing strategy is a market-driven process of strategic development, which focuses on
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