Impact of Social Media on Teens

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Introduction The surfacing of social media network changed the world ways of interaction by storm, leading to more revolution than predicated. It has brought different people from different homes conversation and discussion at one home. But its effects are more felt in many homes across the world and the United States is not excluded. A lot of concerns have been voiced about the social media network sites taking over in our lives. Above all, the major issue that has been overlook is the changing mind set of the youth due to social media network sites (Gunjan Sharma, 2010). However, many young people spend quite long time on social media network creating their brands which is testimony to the awakening of the narcissist in us. Even at any hangout or get together, more time is being spent on clicking snaps and updating the unknown world of what is going on, instead of enjoying the event. The culture which has been created by the social media network among the teens is a self obsessed younger generation (Swaruparani Sahu, 2010). In addition, it has taken off the privacy away. Most of the things which considered being private are all posted to the social media network by the teens and become public in a minute of time. They violate the sanctity of their personal space in an attempt to keep up with the current fad of publicizing intimate details of their lives for a few minutes of attention among a few hundred people in the virtual world. Facebook allows people to create
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