Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Academic Performance

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Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Academic Performance Name Instructor

Problem statement America today faces an issue of epic proportion that is critically essential. An issue that continues to affect her economy, challenge her highest ideals as well as reducing the competitiveness of her workforce, an issue that is deeply rooted her history, her society as well as her culture. The issue in question here is education inequality. This project explores the belief that socioeconomic status is indeed a determinant of one’s educational achievement. A standardized assessment of American students reveals large achievement gaps brought about by socioeconomic status. In 2007, the National Assessment for Educational
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A longitudinal analysis released by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reveals that socioeconomically disadvantaged children may only comprehend one or two letters of the alphabet before they are enrolled into kindergarten, while children form middle and high socioeconomic class comprehend all twenty-six letters of the alphabet. The analysis further reveals that less than half of children from low socioeconomic backgrounds can write their name when entering kindergarten, while 85% of children from middle and high socioeconomic classes can comfortably do so. The Packard and MacArthur foundations have also released a report that shows that an average child brought up in a middle class family is likely to be exposed to an average of 1000-1700 hours of one-on-one interactive picture book reading, before they are enrolled into kindergarten. In contrast, a child from a low socioeconomic setting is only exposed to 25 hours of one-on-one reading. These kinds of inequalities lead to the discrepancies in test scores and grades in school, and in adult life. These students start behind, and most of them stay behind.
Importance and rationale of the study Over the past century, the role of a teacher has taken on many descriptors apart from the facilitation of learning, owing to the many changes that have taken place in the society, one of the changes being the increase in
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