Impact of Studying 'Student Learning Success'

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While studying Student Learning Success, I covered several tools that will help me in my academic career going forward. Two tools that I think will be especially useful are goal and priority management and time management. One of the issues that made me apprehensive about starting studies was how I would be able to juggle my career, family and my school, without feeling overwhelmed. I do not consider myself to be disorganized, but there were definitely things that I learned in this course that will help me in the future. Setting goals is not just something that I can do for my long-term learning, but it is also something that will help me on a daily basis. Long-term goal setting allows me to take the right courses at the right time, and keeps me focused. When I am forced to make sacrifices in other areas of my life for studies, knowing that I have a long-term goal provides motivation. I now have a much clearer understanding of how goal-setting affects motivation, even in the short-term. There are days when the juggling act is difficult. I know that my schoolwork takes priority over having fun, but I also know that sometimes other things like work get in the way of schoolwork. It helps to have short-term goals for the day or the week to help resolve such conflicts. Knowing that I have everything written out and prioritized allows me to schedule things better, and when I know that I have time for everything, this provides me with additional motivation. I think the idea
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