Impact of Technology Advancement on Human Resource Practices

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THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT ON EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE AT SASOL OIL (Pty) Ltd A DIVISION OF SASOL GROUP.Research proposal presented to theFaculty of Management Science: Management College of Southern AfricaMasters of Business Administration BySeage Adam MohlobaStudent Number : 5020009136 Student Reg. Number : 111467 Date : April 2010 Postal Address : M5 Golden Grove Corner of Leipoldt & Oosthuizen Germinston 1401 Contact number : Tel 011 617 8289…show more content…
* To facilitate an understanding of the implementation of technology at Sasol Oil and the possible impact that this study could have on other organizations of a similar nature, in South Africa,
Towards the realization of reaching the aims of the title of this study, and in outlining some of the problems that warranted the investigation, this study is framed with the following analytical parameters in order to meet the requirements of the research questions posed and the objectives of the study in general as enunciated as follows:

* The failure of the management of Sasol Oil to understand the basic requirements of technology, modernization in human resources variables for sustained development, integral to the development of any business organization. * The absence of systematic human resources data and coordinated documentation and the nature, needs, and nuances of technology advancement in respect of human resources development in general. * Technological policies in general that are pursued and thus to examine the nature of some of these concerns, as it affects the implementation of technology, in respect of modernization within Sasol Oil. The problems of technology in relationship to human resources management were compounded by the uncertainties arising from the breakdown that occurred since democratic independence of South Africa in 1994. Their full implications have not yet unfolded, but it may be useful to
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