Impact of Training and Development on Job Performance

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Abstract Training and Development are of the most important aspects of the organizations as they represent the strategy organizations adopt to build a pool of skilled and highly qualified employees. This research paper tries to elaborate the effect of training and development on employee’s performance and accordingly on organization’s performance. Another objective of this paper is to stress on the importance given by the Egyptian Organizations to training and development as well as their opinions of training and development’s effect on their employees. The backbone of this study are the literature review that highlights the role of effective training and development in improving the employees performance, as well as a questionnaire…show more content…
2. Training and development enhance employee’s knowledge and skills and make them able to adapt new technologies and to cope with both internal and external changes. 3. Employees who are trained regularly are well qualified, well motivated to achieve and realize and they have better confidence and self esteem. 4. Training and development create a pool of highly qualified and well trained people which give a room for promotion and reduce the problems resulting from employee turnover. 5. Training and development increase employee’s job satisfaction, commitment and loyalty to the organization. 6. Reduce employee turnover. We can conclude by saying that training and development are essential and crucial for both the employee and the organization, because training and development enhance the capabilities, performance and productivity of the employees as well as the performance of the organization. This importance of training can be revealed in the revenue cycle of organizations as showed in figures (1) and (2). Figure (1): Relationship Cycle Figure (2): Detailed Relationship Cycle Research Statement Training and development have an important role in influencing employee’s performance and the organization as well as it enhances the efficiency and the effectiveness of the employees and organization. Research Objectives • Studying the outcome of Training
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