Impact of Unemployment on Society

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“A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune’s inequality under this sun.- Thomas Carlyle” ( online). To be considered unemployed, is a person looking for a paying job, but is unable to find one. Unemployment is becoming an epidemic that is affecting America at an alarming rate. Most employed people don’t know how hard an unemployed person has to live, they have to worry about providing for their family, and paying their bills. They have an everyday struggle. The countries unemployment rate is currently 9.70% as of march 2010, and Michigan’s unemployment rate is 14.1%. Many economists predict that the effect of unemployment has changed the inflation rate led to an unstable…show more content…
Most of American manufacturing business is becoming automated. Automation is the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology. This can lead to the business having more revenue for them, and also it saves them time. This is leaving people unemployed at a scarce rate. Thus, the affects of automation can have a direct impact on unemployment. Not only does automation cause unemployment, but being unemployed can take a toll on someone well being. Unemployment also has an impact on a person’s health. “Workers who los a job through no fault of their own, she found, were twice as likely to report developing a ailment like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease over the next year and a half, compared to people who were continuously employed” (Rabin/online). The risk was just as high for those who found new job quickly as it was for those who remained unemployed. Bad health causes stress; obviously this is a bad impact on unemployment. Although unemployment can cause bad health, it can also cause population shifts. Unemployment causes certain population shifts. If there aren’t any jobs in a geographical area, many residents will move. This can make the business in that are become out of business. This can also leave that area a deserted waste land, which eventually would be turned into a recreation enter or lodge. Although unemployment
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