Impact of the First World War in Africa: The Development of the Continent

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The First World War marked a crucial moment in the history of the world through its developments and its consequences. It was not only the first conflagration that affected the world at a global level but also it represented a series of events that influenced countries and territories that were initially outside the immediate source of war. One of these regions was the African continent that was, until the end of the first world conflagration, a mix of colonies and territories belonging to European powers. The end of the First World War represented the end of some of the most important colonial empires such as the Austrian Empire or the Russian empire. Even so, for Africa, the world war was crucial for determining a new sense of nationalism that would later give rise to anti-colonial movements and eventually independence wars on the continent. The war in Africa revolved mostly around the British and the French fighting the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, as well as fighting going on in German East Africa. However, an aspect that is extremely relevant for the war was that it was "fought by men who, by and large, never set foot in Europe. There were few white faces on colonial battlefields during the First World War" (Dowling, 2006, p52). The armies constructed on the African front benefited mostly from European leadership and in most parts the drafting of local soldiers was a common practice. However, for the common African man, it was rather difficult to fully perceive
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