Impact of the Information Communication Technology on Education

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Introduction Not even a single aspect of life has remained untouched or unaffected by the advent of information communication technology. But one aspect of life that is most affected by ICT is education. ICT has brought about various changes in the style of teaching, in working conditions, and in the ways which are used in handling information. Teaching approaches are being highly modified by the presence of ICT (Mikre, 2011). We reside in a technological society under which the educational programs available for the students are highly modernised. Lectures which are conveyed to the students in the presence of computer assisted techniques are more effective because they stimulate the memory of the students. In the past ten years information technology has undergone great progress, and that is why multimedia technologies have occupied a special place in today's world. Electronic board, video spotlight and adaptive software all come under modern technologies which are to be used for educational purposes (Gabriela, 2006). Computers in Education Education has become very easy in the presence of computers. Conveying information becomes very convenient as well as interesting by means of computers. Computers have huge memory which enables the students to save bulk of data. Students can easily process the data with the help of computer technology with very less chances of errors. Documents can even be saved in computers in the form of soft copies. There no longer remains
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