Impact of the Internet on Children; Parents' Perspective

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ABSTRACT The purpose of this research paper is to compile and analyze the findings from a survey that was conducted on parents’ with children ages 7-13 and their knowledge about their children’s use of the Internet. The paper looks at ways in which parents feel that their children can be protected on the internet. It also explores the fears that parents have about their children being exposed to the internet, and their rationales. The research findings highlight the importance of children's internet protection in relation to the role of parents. The major limitation that this research was faced with was the sample size, as it does not adequately represent the actual population sampled. This paper contributes to the field of study as…show more content…
This research seeks to examine how the Internet affects children's lives and notes some of its potential positive and negative influences on them. Although the Internet's effects on a given child vary based on each child's characteristics and how the child uses the Internet, adults still must have a fundamental understanding of these general potentials. Whether a child uses the Internet and how a child uses the Internet significantly impact the Internet's influence on him or her. A child's personality and developmental needs also inevitably modify the Internet's influence on him or her. This survey was done amongst parents with children of the 7-13years age group who have access to the internet to explore the following; (A). Reasons why children use the Internet. (B). Parents knowledge about their children’s Internet usage. (C). Parents Impression about their children’s usage of the Internet. (D). Ways in which parents feel the internet could be made safer for children. Ultimately, this research is to determine the role the internet has played in impacting the lives of children, as regards their academics and social life or if it poses a major threat to them generally. The impact of technology use on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development is only beginning to be studied. LITERATURE REVIEW The Internet is an electronic medium where information and communication travel easily
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