Impact of the Internet on Political Interactions Globally

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How the Internet Has Changed Political Interactions Globally Introduction The Internet's power as a catalyst of disruptive innovation in communication, collaboration and political interactions continues to accelerate, changing the fabric and nature of society. The intent of this essay is to describe which aspects of the socio-political global landscape are being most affected by the Internet's innate ability to bring greater accuracy, acuity, clarity and focus to the most controversial and challenging areas of nations' political systems and processes. The Internet has become and is increasing in importance as a lifeline for many citizens in nations that have totalitarian regimes and dictator-based governments. For people living in these nations, the Internet is also a source of information that gives them hope that someday they and their families can live in freedom. Internet Freedom Also Sets People Free Of the many communication aspects of the Internet, the most powerful is its ability to illuminate how divergent a given nations' doctrines and policies are from the concepts of personal freedom and freedom of a nation in aggregate. The Internet has shown people living under oppression in totalitarian regimes that freedom is a basic human right and there are many avenues, many facets of freedom as a foundational element of a nation's government. What's so powerful about the Internet in this regard is its innate freedom of speech where anyone can start a blog and

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