Impact of the Iom Report

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Impact of the IOM Report: Nursing Education, Primary Care, Nurse Leaders No matter which perspective the view is from, most everyone would agree that millions of nurses worldwide are involved in a profession that is constantly changing and changing at a very quick pace (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011). This transformation is due to a number of factors like demographic changes, the shortage of health care professionals, economic downfalls on the health care system, and evolving technology (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011). In an effort to support and promote the future of nursing and advancement in health care, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) took on a 2 year initiative that…show more content…
One of the suggestions is for licensed practical nurses and registered nurses to incorporate health care education and counseling, using evidenced based clinical guidelines, to patients with chronic conditions through continued care offered via home visits and telephone follow-up calls (Institute of Medicine, 2010). It is also recommended to utilize APRNs as primary care providers in both outpatient and inpatient settings as this decreases the provider to patio ratio thus potentially enhancing the quality of care, and it allows the APRNs to practice to their fullest abilities (Institute of Medicine, 2010). APRNs participating as primary care providers widen the opportunity for health promotion, disease prevention, and limiting disabilities via early diagnosis and treatment. Transformation to a health care system driven by primary care practice as suggested by the IOM report will create a more qualified, accessible, and value driven health care system (Tri-Council for Nursing, 2010).

In the future, the role of the nurse in a leadership position will change drastically due to the impact of the IOM report (National League for Nursing, 2012). The IOM report calls for the development of strategic, social, and critical thinking skills so that nurses are better able to partner with other healthcare members, and become key players in health care decision making (Institute of Medicine, 2010). Nurses
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