Impact of the Teachings of the Dalai Lama

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The Dalai Lama Teachings
Buddhism religious teachings focus on the significance of living in harmony with other people despite their beliefs. For that reason, most people that follow Buddhist teachings learn how to tolerate with other religions. They rarely compel people to follow their religion, although their teachings can influence the non-believers. Most of The Buddhists teachings emphasize on the significance of living in unity with others regardless of their religion. Consequently, those who adhere to their respective teachings understand other religions. This work discusses whether the teachings spread by The Dalai Lama affected religion, or whether his actions had any impact on religion. In his teachings, The Dalai Lama played a significant role of spreading Buddhism teachings by encouraging positive relationship between religion and science. His messages won him numerous awards; an action that spread harmony and tranquility among thousands in the Christian world.
In the midst of these occurrences, The Dalai Lama gained attention amongst many religions. In reinforcing his message of coexistence with others, he was travelling around the world, organizing occasions and teaching the significance of living in unity. His endeavors gained him the title of Tibetan leader, who spread his teaching regardless of nationality, race or religious background. The Dalai Lama asserts that his role is promoting unity, love and other elements that promote tolerance

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