Impact on the Environment of Electrical and Electronics Products

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Impact on the Environment of Electrical and Electronics Products Introduction Electrical and Electronics products are now commonly found all around the world and the number is on the rise. The amount of such products that is being disposed is also on the rise. There is a concern on the environmental effect by such products that is being disposed as well as when it is being manufacturer. This is because most of these products contain either harmful substance or non bio-degradable materials which cause an impact on the environment. For these reasons, regulations and directives are being set up to safe guard and prevent more harm from being done to the environment. This report would be discussing on the harmful effects by traditional…show more content…
Even in situations where the copper is recovered and the etchant is regenerated by the waste hauler, this waste stream may be an environmental hazard. Transportation of the spent etchant and its ultimate disposition may pose environmental risks and result in increased liability for the PCB facility. 1.3     Disposal of electronic equipments Electronic equipment is considered hazardous because of the presence of lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and some types of retardants. For example, some monitors can contain up to 27% lead. There are four main ways which electronic equipment can be disposed. They are incineration, resale, donation and recycling. Destruction of electronics equipment means incineration. Businesses are allowed to dispose of their hazardous waste in this manner, but the destruction then falls under more restrictive hazardous waste rules. The incineration process yields some environmentally dirty residue and it is thus not an entirely green option. Superficially, resale, looks like a good option. It generates profits for the company, the buyers are happy, and the electronics are disposed of. However, liability and administration concerns become an issue. Properly administering a sales program takes time and paperwork, and one has to consider whether used electronics sales are really what the company is in business to do. Donation is also a valid option. However, electronics are classified as hazardous
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