Essay on Impact the Development of Sexual and Gender Identity

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Impact the Development of Sexual and Gender Identity Introduction It is hard for me to pinpoint the beginning of my sexual awareness. Throughout my rearing, questions about sex were never brought to my parents. However, my parents, family, media, social/educational, past relationships and religious upbringing had an impacted on the development of my sexual and gender identity. Looking back over my life, I realize my initial ideas and influences about my sexual and gender identity developed through childhood experiences with my family. Traditionally women were the caretakers and men were the providers. There were many things that were done around our house that seem to be gender specific. Besides my mother taking care of my…show more content…
I talked with him about my self-image and my own sexual desire and he talked to me about his. We were both relieved that we struggled with some of the same issues. We were together for eight years. This eight year opposite-sex intimate relationships helped me to establish my sexual identity. My cultural background is not to be exempt in the development of my sexual and gender identity. My cultural background influenced my beliefs that homosexuality is not normal. I remember as a little girl growing up in the Black community, same sex relationship in terms of being a couple engaging in intimacy was not discussed. Homosexuality in the Black community in the mid 1970’s was taboo. Men were expected to be the provider, the protector, strong and aggressive. If a Black man exhibited any type of behavior of femininity he was consider as being sick and weak. He would be ridicule, ostracize by their community, family, and religious affiliation and or beaten by other men in their community. These anticipated behaviors lead Black men in later life to desperate attempts at heterosexual relations, marriage and child rearing, while maintaining a secret life of homosexual activity. Cultural constructions of sexual and gender identity have often been negative. I’m sure my religious upbringing as a child did have some impacted on the development of my sexual and gender Identity. However, I believe my spiritual walk with God since I’ve become an adult has had a
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