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Impacts of an Energy Plan Juanita Stanberry SCI/275 Suzette Mackenzie March 26, 2015 My dearest great-great grand-children: The finding of this letter explaining the best option for a long-term energy sustainability plan is no accident, and if you have opened a time capsule as directed, this letter is one hundred years old and the year is two thousand and fifteen (2015). The nation’s current energy situation is in bad shape. We have nearly depleted the planets resources of fossil fuels that are non-renewable. defines nonrenewable resources as are energy sources like petroleum, propane, natural gas, coal and nuclear power. These resources have taken millions of years to produce and cannot rejuvenate in shorter lengths…show more content…
Human health is personally affected, and it creates serious risks for all other organisms too. The ways that I have been personally affected by the use of nonrenewable fossil fuels is by the emissions of different gases into the atmosphere and having breathed them in over the last eighty-five years. I have contracted asthma and chronic bronchitis from the poor air quality. I have developed a sustainability plan that I believe will continue to flourish productively for the remainder of our generation. I am holding on to the hope that by the very time the following family generations have arrived, there will be an efficient renewable energy resource to replace my nonrenewable energy resource and maintain necessary sustainability. I plan to use natural gas as the primary form of energy because it is the cleanest of the fossil fuels. In this year of two thousand and fifteen, there are many renewable resources to choose from and utilize, but at the moment they are not efficient enough to produce the amount of energy necessary in conjunction with low consumer cost to proficiently run the entire city. The natural gas produces more than enough power to maintain the city so that now we can sell our extra energy to other communities instead of purchasing it from them. One weakness with the use of natural gas in the sustainability plan that I am aware of is the contaminants going into the

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