Impacts of Climate Change Essay

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There is widespread agreement in the scientific community that the climate is changing and it has likely received contributions from humans in the form of increased carbon emissions. The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stated that there is ninety percent certainty that human activity has been the primary cause of temperature rises seen since 1950; if the climate rises by more than two degrees Celsius, scientists predict dire consequences to be faced by humans and the world (McMichael and Lindgren, 2011, p. 402). Changes in climate, no matter how small, bring with it changes in other seemingly unrelated aspects of life. As current research suggests, climate change will have negative effects on…show more content…
1507). Additionally, stress from climate change can also aggravate certain noninfectious disease (Friel et al., 2010, p. 135). Millions of people suffer from these conditions and their current medical states may be declining under the climate change that is currently going on. Those afflicted by these diseases have an additional motive to help reduce the costs of climate change on the world. Infectious disease states will be affected as a direct impact of climate change. Changes in climate can cause alterations in the patterns of certain disease vectors. This can be seen in Canada, where new populations of ticks are increasing the incidence of Lyme disease (McMichael and Lindgren, 2011, p. 409). A shift in the distribution of ticks and consequently Lyme disease threatens new populations that can increase the incidence and prevalence of Lyme disease in Canada (Mills, Gage and Khan, 2010, p. 1508.). These new populations facing Lyme disease will be particularly susceptible since it has not been an issue previously faced in their vicinity. Other vector-borne diseases and infections have seen a recent increase in population and geographic locations, including the West Nile Fever in Africa (McMichael and Lindgren, 2011, p. 409). Africa has been affected by climate change through rising temperatures. These increases in temperature have manifested themselves in an

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