Impacts of Eating Disorders Essay

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This is the change of eating habits of a person from the normal behaviour or behaviour characterised by abnormal eating habits. This include: anorexia nervosa which is the fear of gaining weight; bulimia where one eats lots of food then later on goes out and vomits; obesity, this is charactered by eating lots of food that contain cholesterol and are unhealthy thus increase in weight and compulsive eating, where one is unable to control what they eat and how much they eat. This change of eating behaviour is caused by negative self image, images presented by the media and sometimes family pressure and one’s genetic or biological composition.…show more content…
This literature review will review the issues concerning the impacts eating disorders has had on our society and how it has affected our families as well. Based on the research it will be able to point out the health issues eating disorders cause and possibly the treatment. This review will also identify the gaps and offer recommendations in order to improve our study and view of this issues. The relevance of this is to also put out more information to those who are still not aware of the impacts of eating disorders. Information Background It is evident that eating disorders are consuming our current population as many are obsessed with the amount of food they consume and their body size and weight while others do not seem to care what they eat and the size they are growing into. In the country of Japan, what is considered thin in the western world is what the see as the average size.( Kathleen & Amy, 2004) Apparently the media has also had its fair share of influence in the contribution of posing a thin body as the acceptable one thus making girls and young women fall into the eating disorder trap.( Fatima & Ruth, 2003). This goes hand in hand with the fashion world as they employ people who are a size zero or
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