Impacts of Ethnic Backgrounds on Family Traditions: Case Analysis

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Questions How Jewish/Mexic/Irish/Chinese/Romanian/Australian/American/Swedish/Russian does society think you are? What does your family want from you in terms of traditions that you are expected to uphold on account of your ethnic background? Does your ethnic background prevent you from being a part of certain groups? What ethnicity do you identify with? What role does ethnic background play in people's lives? Person a. Tim, a 27 year-old Jewish man, claimed that people always have the tendency to use stereotypes when they become familiar with his background. His family wants him to act in agreement with Jewish cultural values and for him to marry a Jewish woman. While Tim experienced problems integrating particular groups throughout his upbringing, he finds it difficult to say if some groups actually have problems with Jewish persons. Tim believes he more of an American person than a Jewish person. Although he would prefer to consider that ethnicity is no longer important in the contemporary society, Tim learnt that most people are affected by it, regardless of their ability to appear indifferent to it. Person b. Carmen is a 19 year-old Mexican girl and cannot help but observing that society has the tendency to associate her with other Mexican women when considering their ethnicity. Her family always claims that she should employ a suspicious attitude toward most individual she interacts with. She and her family have been a part of the local Mexican community for
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