Impacts of First World War

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Impact of WWI When Great War started, it influenced the entire world policy and economy. Millions of people died and equal number of people became homeless. Big empires of 20th century fell apart and new small national countries were established. We can say that WWI caused a really big disaster, especially for country which was participant. But there are similarities and differences how it did effect. On different countries in the same way war had different influence. The example for that is Germany and Serbia. Politic War had the most influence on politic in Germany. The German Empire--often called the Second Reich to distinguish it from the First Reich, established by Charlemagne in 800--was based on two compromises. First…show more content…
Just cost during the war was nearby 40$ Billion. German economy had suffered terribly during the WWI. Industrial productions fell down by over 40% between 1914 and 1918. Machinery was run by ill trained people, and the reason for that are dead millions working man. The work force was exhausted and not physically fit enough to work. Estimates suggest that up to 35% of all trade was organized illegally on the Black market. From 1915 until the end of the war, Germans were forbidden to drive a car. The situation hardy improved because of the Armistice. As a consequence of the war the Germans did not have the means to purchase fuel on a large scale and found it difficult to purchase raw materials in any case since the international community shunned them. The situation in Serbia was different, because economy was based on agriculture, and not on Industry like in Germany. But the consequences were also was enormous. Agricultural life in Serbia was in the sign of crucifixion between level of damage, utterly exhaustion and bigger expenses with the goal of successful continuance of war. A huge scarcity was present in the form of raw materials, money and labor. Extremely fertile plains in Macva were desolated during the war in Serbia which created a lack of food for people and cattle. Experts of the Ministry of the agriculture saw the cause for the economic distortion of the country in this: “during this war on our
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