Impacts of Global Financial Crisis on Hrm Policies

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What is the role of hr in global crisis to retain the talented employees ?
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Employees are not the most important asset of the company but the “right” employees are.
Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a strategic role in the survival of an organization. In this time of global financial crisis, Human Resource (HR) managers must not only innovate but must also act as change agents, strategists, mentors, counselors and motivators. They must adopt a people-centered model of management instead of the go-get-them approach. The latter approach will not only push down the morale of your employees but it will also shove your
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But all of these discussions were overshadowed with a deeper discussion on HR’strue role in meeting business needs today. HR and Talent leaders seem to be feeling that they are facing a proverbial cross-road in how the market is defining their role in today’s challenging business environment.
This supposed cross-road could take HR in two different directions – will HR continue to be a critical support function, with a focus on keeping day to day HR needs met and a “call-us when you need us” approach to talent planning, recruiting, and development. This isn’t necessarily a bad role: an HR function running in this manner with effective and efficient processes around a clearly defined box of available services can have a major impact on an organization. They operate as an essential support function, able to provide the appropriate data to answer business questions when needed.

On the other hand, is HR shifting into a role that is more anticipatory and future focused, requiring sophisticated workforce planning and forecasting capabilities, ownership of social connection and communication networks, and an ability to predict future talent opportunities. A function that informs the business direction.
Two of the conferences I attended, the US HROA summit, (which is a great event for anyone considering HR outsourcing in the future), as well as the Saba event, provided me with an opportunity to hear the
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