Impacts of Not Preserving Net Neutrality: Tiered Internet Service

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Impacts of Not Preserving Net Neutrality: Tiered Internet Service 1 INTRODUCTION Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be able to access any web content or use any application without restriction or limitation from their internet service provider [1]. Net neutrality can be further broken down into four core concepts as described by Daniel J. Weitzners, non-discriminatory routing of packets, user control choice over service levels, ability to create and use new services and protocols without approval of network operators and nondiscriminatory peering of backbone network [1]. A tiered internet service is a structure that allows user to choose and pay for the amount of bandwidth that best suits their need [2]. This paper…show more content…
2. 2 What is the impact of not preserving Net Neutrality? Our driving question is attempting to answer the question “What are the impact of not preserving Net Neutrality? “, by analyzing the different components of net neutrality, and how they affect the different parties involved. We also look at the argument which support and oppose net neutrality. One of the main focuses of net neutrality revolves around a tiered internet service. Net neutrality was created in order to stop ISPs from offering these tiered services. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a tiered internet? 3. TIERED INTERNET SERVICE Tiered internet service is a business model that separates the quality of internet traffic by the price the users pay. User who pay more money receive more traffic and have better service as opposed to users who choose the minimum payment plan and pay less for a lesser quality of service and lower speed. 3.1 Tiered Services Tiered services exist in many other industries such as travel. For example airline companies divide the customers between classes, first class getting better service than coach. Pharmaceutical companies also have different payment plan based on geographical locations. For the most part the internet has been priced in two tiers, users pay for their level of connectivity (which is usually a flat rate), while

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