Impacts of an Aging Population

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The impacts of an aging population on a country An aging population is where the population of a country is of a high elderly dependence. There are three main ways to split the ways they are sorted and these are Social, the ways in which the elderly population affect the people around them, political, the ways in which the elderly population affect the politics of a country, and finally, economic, the ways in which the elderly population affect the wealth of the country. Social impacts can be negative or advantageous, an advantage would be the fact that in a study on volunteering 35% of people aged 75 or over regularly give up their free time to help others. This is beneficial as it helps many people, this also links to the fact that…show more content…
This will save the government a small percentage of money but not a great amount. The pension age for women is going to be raised from 60 to 65 between 2010 and 2020 and the pension age for both men and women will be raised to 68 in 2044. The government also plans to get rid of the fixed retirement age, meaning that employers will no longer be able to dismiss staff at the age of 65. The government also plans to make it easier for older people to get jobs by controlling age-discrimination. This will get older people into work but not for a great deal of time and therefore just prolongs the issue rather than solving it. The UK have in place a replacement migration scheme, this is where younger workers from overseas are used to fill skill gaps in the UK workforce. The UK encourages foreigners to come and work here. Around 80% of immigrants from new EU countries in 2004 were 34 or under, they come to work and in doing so fill skill gaps and pay taxes. This greatly increases the government's income and helps pay for state pensions. It also reduces the dependency ratio largely. However, it does cause friction between the British people and the immigrants, as there is a general distrust and feeling of malicious intent. In Sweden, there is a Pro-natalist policy. This is where they promote a higher fertility rate and make it easier for couples to have
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