Impacts of the Mafia

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Impacts of the Mafia The Mafia is an Italian secret criminal society. The Mafia, or syndicate, impacts cities all around the world. Most of the effects of the Mafia are negative, but there can be several positive effects on the culture and economy of the cities in which it frequents. Peter Maas declares organized crime the “biggest business in the country” (Maas). “The largest and best known organized crime group is the nationwide organization variously known as the ‘syndicate’, the ‘mob’, the ‘Mafia’, and the ‘Cosa Nostra’” (Nash, Jason O-155). Some activities of the Mafia include gambling, loan sharking, pornography, illicit drugs, and racketeering. The Mafia began in Sicily, but did not retain to just that one location. In…show more content…
They serve as mediators or “buffers” between the top members and lower personnel. The lowest members are the soldati, or soldiers. They are mobsters who lead a particular enterprise (Nash O-155). Mafia activity impacts the cities that it is involved in. The results of the activities of the Mafia partakes in can be positive or negative. Cities are mostly negatively impacted by organized crime. Even though there may be several arrests, they do not show the extent of the crime that is under the radar of the police and federal justice organizations. In a global context, the number of arrests or convictions for involvement in organized crime reflects police performance, rather than the extent of illegal activity (Van Dijk 40). “Criminologists describe organized crime as criminal activites for material benefit by groups that engage in extreme violence, corruption of public officials including law enforcement and judicial officers, penetration of the legitimate economy and interfering in the political process” (Van Dijk, Jan 40). High levels of crime can increase the risk of doing business in a country (Van Dijk 49). Infiltration in the economy and politics is a distinct characteristic of Mafia-type organizations. Racketeering is a problem in New York. Once the racketeering mobs are destroyed or defeated, the economy revitalizes (Van Dijk 50). Organized crime reduces economic development through its negative impact. The negative results of the Mafia are not

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