Impeachment : A Formal Process

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Nguyen Nguyen
Government 2306
Professor Robert Bexar Chapter summaries 7&8 Chapter 8 Impeachment is a formal process in which an official was accused of illegal activities, the results of which, depending on the country, which may include the removal of that official from office as well as penalties criminal or civil. Cut is when the representatives decided to send the president or other government in the Senate to test to see if they are suitable to continue to hold their positions. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached, but they have been found fit to resume presidential terms of senators. Senatorial courtesy has to
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Two senators are appointed centrally governor, and two representatives appointed by the speaker. In addition, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the issue of state and head of the House Appropriations Committee and the ways and means of serving as member of the Board. Board of Directors appointed budget director, who prepared the budget request of all state agency expenditures and appropriation bills for them. At each regular session of parliament and particularly directors submit legislative budget estimates, the results of many analytical staff of each agency budget requests. Legislature budget to maintain partial legislative program review conducted a comprehensive review of state agency programs and activities and compile the performance reports for the legislature. These reports help to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of each state agency and assist in budget decisions. The Managing Board is also responsible for deciding the constitutional spending cap. The staff in the legislative budget office provided support Committees various legislative appropriations, provide information on trends in revenue and expenditure, financial preparation notes determine the impact to revenue or expenditure various legal fees, and issuing financial statements and the proposed legislation. Another way to explain a
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