Imperial Japanese Army Responsible For Ww2 Essay

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The Imperial Japanese army was responsible for their own downfall in WWII, as they were too egotistical, putting pride before logical and effective decisions, started making fatal mistakes and planning failures, and made game-changing decisions that ultimately caused great defeat for the Imperial Japanese army. The Imperial Japanese army was responsible for their own downfall in WWII as they made fatal decisions. First, the Japanese army neglected to routinely change their codes. American code breakers quickly broke the Japanese code and were able to anticipate almost all Japanese moves, resulting in many victories for the Allies, such as the Battle of Midway and the assassination of Admiral Isoruku Tammamoto, and consequently great defeat for Japan. Elliot Carlson, a journalist and historian states in an NPR interview, “That victory was possible, in large part, because of the work of a little-known naval codebreaker named Joe Rochefort,” “His work deciphering…show more content…
To begin, they decided to go to war with two of the most powerful industrial and naval forces, the US and Britain, during Japan’s attempted Occupation of Indochina (now Indonesia) from the 22nd to the 26th of September 1940, even though they knew it was impossible to win. All because it was either that or surrender, and they thought that would make them look weak. That, and during all of their battles, they would fight to the death even though they knew they had no chance of winning. They would much rather commit suicide than surrender, as dictated by the “Bushido” code, or the “Way of the Warrior” or Samurai. According to Bushido, it was “preferable to commit suicide rather than suffer the disgrace of being captured by the enemy.” [3]. Putting pride before ethical, logical and effective decisions by the Imperial Japanese Army caused their own downfall in
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