Imperialism : A Vital Goal And Factor

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Imperialism appears to be a vital goal and factor in the U.S during the late 1800s. Americans yearn to gain more control and soon rise to become a world power, similar to the conduct of our forefathers. However, this philosophy is counter to the origins of our country. We believed in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, yet Americans were being hypocritical of this conviction. They took the action of colonizing other countries and tyrannizing them without their consent. With this in mind, it is clear this goes against American beliefs, owing to the fact we fought and struggled immensely to win our independence from England. In the end, are Americans still being mindful and empathetic of the other nations, whether they are weaker or not fully developed? Or, are they only conscious of what they 'll get for themselves? Overall, retaining control of other countries without a settled agreement or negotiation and denouncing them of their liberty is truly un-American and goes against the Declaration of Independence. The exploits of imperialism are averse to American values, including personal and collective rights. One of these values, which is freedom, is a core component in our country. It embraces the fundamental beliefs put forth by our Constitution. Based on treaties, pacts and alliances between our country and other nations, they are lured into conflicts that force upon the human rights of the populations of other countries. Yet, America is still meaning to
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