Imperialism And Its Impact On The World Today

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Imperialism has been one of the most powerful forces in human history, serving to set the foundation of our modern world. While this has led to the formation of a global society where cultures, ideas, and innovations are spread across countries, imperialism has also left a history of exploitation, racism, and violence that is still affecting the world today. Imperial relationships are always imbalanced when it comes to power and influence; that is, one group (known as the metropole) maintains authority and control over another group (known as the periphery) with economic, political, and cultural dominance (Spiegel 2012). There are many reasons why one group chooses to dominate the other, such as expanding territory, extracting raw resources to fuel economic development, or to spread their beliefs (i.e. religion) (Spiegel 2012). In spite of these varied reasons, one of the main motivators for imperialism began with competition between empires. Empires have shaped world history in both good and bad ways. From changing regional and global power dynamics to diffusing goods, ideas, animals, vegetation, people, and even illnesses, empires have cultivated peace and instigated war (Spiegel 2012). Groups of people have been decimated while others flourished (Spiegel 2012). Before imperialism, empires did exist (i.e. Aztecs, Incas, etc) but were separated by geographical barriers, such as deserts, oceans, mountains, etc. It was with the invention of the sextant that allowed European
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