Imperialism, Imperial Policies and Global/ Regional Status Quo and Its Development Response After Terrorist Attacks of 9/11

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Lapatsanun Patcharanarapong
GST 6320 Peace and Conflict
November 18, 2012
Prof. Richardson
Global Studies
Northeastern University

The concept of ‘status quo’ is one of maintenance of distribution of power at any given point in time and the preservation of such. The term is derived from ‘status quo ante bellum’ which refers to maintaining the peace treaties and settlements that stabilized the region since the last general war. Thus status quo is about keeping things the way it is, its motive is to preserve and not necessarily gain, boast or heavily influence any new positions that may break the balance. To apply it in current times and specifically to the new and less known form of war- unconventional terrorist war
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Currently, civil war is far more common and frequent than international war. Most outbreaks of armed conflicts occur within the boundaries of sovereign states and provoke the one or more groups against current government to challenge the government’s sovereignty. Both civil war and rebellions are similar in terms of motive and opportunity. (Understanding Civil War, 2005. p, 3) According to Collier, the economic conditions are also linked to profitability of rebellion or civil conflict. Public perceptions may recognize rebellion as protest, which is motivated by extreme grievance and fighting against injustice. He indicates, to an economist, rebellion is a form of a criminal organization that has developed the discourse of grievance in order to function. (Leashing The Dogs of War, 2007, p.198) Moreover, Collier carefully weighed the motive of a rebel organization. Often the greed reward of joining a rebellion are greater than not joining, and there is often grievance that urge people to rebel over issues of identity such as ethnicity, religion rather than over economics. It has been accepted, at least war cannot be fought just on hopes or hatred, greed has some influence in the development of conflict. Rebel groups may even have organized the fights in attempting to take main powers by becoming
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