Imperialism In The Victorian Era

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The British's empire was a greatest and largest empire the world has ever seen . There were several reasons for the establishment of these colonies . But the main reason was The British's need to trade and financial benefit, more than their need to military invasion , Therefore it is called as a trade-based empire. When they began colonizing in 16th century England was a poor country .The Industrial Revolution which took place in Europe in 17th century gave rise to the need for raw material . Britain had many charter companies in the late 17th century , After that these companies became Have a political influence In order to expand their business ,and also to find buyers for their products. Thus, gradually they began to…show more content…
the imperialism mean the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries . Victorian era believed that moral safe house It is only an expression of Victorian social values . Home in the Victorian age is the ideal home is safe , comfortable ,moral and respectable home . the home as a place of peace and shelter protecting the family from outside danger and violence .Doyle, born to an Irish immigrant family in Edinburgh so he was acquainted with the tensions between the reality of urban life and the ideal perfect. even Doyle was aware that even the happy Victorian homes had their secrets. Doyle’s treatment of abroad It has been considered as a threat to the home. India is the largest and most important British imperial possession . The White Man’s Burden – A term used by Rudyard Kipling in his poem but later came to mean the responsibility of the white man towards the lesser races. But in the Doyle's novel a white man was Contrary to what stated in the Victorian era, such as Jonathan Small who helped Bartholomew Sholto butler Lal Rah to kill his master .The Indians also connected in the commission of crimes in London. The Indians servants inside the house Some of them were trustworthy and some are not , Because they knew the secrets of crimes were committed, and therefore constitutes a threat to the home. Doyle was supported the empire , Although he realized that the crimes committed in India will effect on the
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