Imperialism Is The Practice Of Establishing Financial Or Political Dominance Over Another Country

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Imperialism is the practice of a country taking over, or colonizing other parts of the world and while doing so, increasing their own country’s power. They help other countries with trade, sometimes improving that country’s economy. They also may help poorer countries by influencing the way they live. Imperialism is the practice of establishing financial or political dominance over another country. The colonizing country is seeking to build upon its empire for the greater good of its people, other colonizing countries want control over that country for themselves.

Many people who were in power positions were growing desperate for more land and control, The Belgian King Leopold sent emissaries (people sent on a special mission, usually as a diplomatic representative) to establish trade with native Africans in the Congo. This action triggered more imperialistic activity from the other nations of Europe, including: France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal. This is known as “The Scramble for Africa”. Many European countries were racing for African territory.

In the years of 1750-1914, European imperialism had an overall negative effect on Africa’s development. The political competition between increasingly powerful European countries is a main underlying cause for the Scramble of Africa. Some viewed imperialism as the last stage of industrial exploitation. Industrialization, according to socialists like Lenin, led inevitably to imperialism because the…
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