Imperialism : The Age Of New Imperialism

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Imperialism is defined as a strong economic and political empire takes over a weaker economic and political empire. Stronger empires conquered weaker empires to industrialize the land and to weaken other threating empires. To build a strong empire, a nation must use their military power to conquer a weaker nation, take the supplies and goods to support the mother nation, and use the supplies and goods to benefit your own empire by conquering even more empires. Imperialism did not begin in the twentieth century, imperialism has been around as early as the sixteenth century. The Imperialism in early sixteenth century is referred to as the “Age of Old Imperialism”. The Imperialism that is going to be referred to in this paper is going to be known as the “Age of New Imperialism”. This new trend of Imperialism leads us into the question of why did the Europeans want to be Imperialistic? Europeans wanted to be Imperialistic because of economic and industrialization interest, political and military interest and for cultural interest. The European nations were reaching their peak in power, while China and India were reaching their low points in power. These new causes of Imperialism is what divided the weaker empires from the stronger empires in the early 20th century.
Approaching into the late 19th century, all the current powerful empires wanted to stay on top. It was necessary for European nations to industrialize weaker nations for economic expansion. Every nation wanted to
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