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Imperialistic Supremacy revolves around the life of a Southern African male who was victimized by the imperialism of Europeans throughout the nineteenth century. Protagonist character, Bogani, was a member of the Zulu tribe and rebelled against European Imperialism along with other tribe members during his abrupt life. The Zulu were a South African tribe that placed a heavy emphasis on military organization and skill. Under the leadership of Shaka, founder of the Zulu Kingdom and a significant person in Bongani's life, the Zulu increased their land claims throughout Southern Africa by Imperialism.
In 1803, a year before Bongani's birth, Shaka was unfortunately taken away from the Zulu tribe as a punishment seventeen years ago and was raised by the Mthethwa tribe - a tribe that also sought political and social dominance over Southern Africa similar to Zulu - and later joined their army as a warrior. Shaka quickly earns a reputation of being a ferocious warrior and becomes very skillful with close combat weapons such as throwing spears and diabolical blunt sticks. By nature, Shaka is fearless and aggressive, he seeks to create a brand new warrior culture similar to his personality.
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More deaths from both nations risen to unbelievable extents over the following months until the Zulu tribe could no longer bare it. This is a clear example of the outcomes from Imperialism. Unfortunately as a negative outcome, the Zulu people were defeated by the British Army and were forced to surrender their land to the British Empire. However, Britain’s victory granted them with the positive outcomes of imperialism. Not only did Britain acquire the desired Diamond Ore from Southern Africa, but also obtained other raw materials and natural resources such as tropical fruits, cocoa beans, silver, gold, petroleum, woods, salt, and iron that ultimately enhanced Britain’s economy and

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