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Impero Announces $2.5 Million Grant for Schools

To celebrate the 10 millionth student using Impero, Impero's Board of Directors has announced the "Best Technology for Schools" Grant. This is a $2.5 million dollar grant available to education establishments within the United States and Canada. If you are interested in improving your digital classroom, act fast. This funding is only available until December 30th, 2016. Here's how it works...

Transform Your Digital Classroom

As an education professional, you know that as digital devices become more commonplace, new challenges emerge. First of all, keeping students on task for learning and not getting distracted is difficult. How do you make sure students are getting the most out of digital
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To address these concerns, there is Impero Education Pro. This state-of-the-art IT management system provides everything you need to keep it all together. It combines desktop management, network management, and classroom management into one consolidated solution that can bring peace of mind to your classrooms. Impero works with all major operating systems including PC, Mac, iOS and Chromebook. The Best Technology for Schools Grant programs aims to help fund bringing this powerful solution to your school.

"Best Technology for Schools" Grant

If your school is looking to make the most of your technology, this Impero grant initiative can help your school save thousands of dollars. Integrating Impero Education Pro into your classroom helps to solve all the issues with digital learning that we have outlined above. Below is a breakdown of the four grants currently available. If you are interested in one these, please contact Studica or request a quote for Impero Education Pro. One of our helpful education consultants will help you through the grant process.

Grant Number of Devices Minimum Amount Eligible For
Bronze IIT 250 device minimum $1,250
Silver IIT 1,000 device minimum
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