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Summative Assessment 2
Project 1
Easy question – write a response to the following quote from unlimited sustainable develop solution.
Organisation today are begin asked to address an increasingly complex set of environmental issues, as noted in the quote.
Sustainability is achieved when we understand the economic environmental and social consequences of our actions and make deliberate choice that allow, all people to lead heathy productive and enjoyable lives.
Your response should include a discussion of: * Complex environment ussies * Methos of measuring an organisation environmental impact * Methods of managing an organisation environmental impact * Methods of reducing an organisation environmental impact.
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Although the long term implications of this serious issue are not yet fully understood, it is generally agreed that the risk is high enough to merit an immediate response. Businesses are expected to lead in the area of environmental sustainability as they are considered to be the biggest contributors and are also in a position where they can make a significant difference.
Businesses can potentially cause damage to all areas of the environment. Some of the common environmental concerns include: * Damaging rainforests and woodlands through logging and agricultural clearing * Polluting and over-fishing of oceans, rivers and lakes * Polluting the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels * Damaging prime agricultural and cultivated land through the use of unsustainable farming * Practices.
For much of the past, most businesses have acted with little regard or concern for the negative impact they have on the environment. Many large and small organisations are guilty of significantly polluting the environment and engaging in practices that are simply not sustainable. However, there are now an increasing number of businesses that are committed to reducing their damaging impact and even working towards having a positive influence on environmental sustainability.

Environmental sustainability forces businesses to look beyond making short term gains and look at the long term impact they

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