Implement And Monitor Nursing Care For Clients With Chronic Health Problems

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Implement and monitor nursing care for Clients with chronic health problems

Parkinson disease mainly defined as the death of certain brain cells. These brain cells mainly control the body parts movement and the coordination. The disease mainly decrease the mobility which leads difficulty in walking (Medline Plus, 2016). Currently, Parkinson has no known cause which mainly effect people to develop this disease. Many theories tells that there are several factors that are responsible to cause Parkinson disease such as the decline in the production of the chemical of brain named dopamine which cause difficulty in controlling movement of body ( Parkinson’s Australia, 2015). As such, the following case scenario mainly discuss the case of Mr. John Magill, who is 75 year old lived with his wife who look after him. John is diagnosed with Parkinson disease who complaining decreased mobility and back discomfort. The following case scenario will discuss the risk factors of Parkinson, the clinical manifestation of the disease as well as the key physical assessment. Along this, it also cover different ways in which healthcare professionals can manage the disease.

Parkinson 's disease can be defined as a neurodegenerative disorder which is usually characterized by disturbance in gait, reduced mobility, instability of postural and bradykinesia. In general, person who…
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