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This paper provides detailed information that seeks to enable NOYRBIZ to implement OSHA policy so the company will be both in compliance with federal and state regulatory policy and protect employee’s health and safety. As a newly hired Safety professional, I understand the need to provide strategic health and safety plans as well as implement these plans for NOYRBIZ to achieve its workplace safety goals. The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution enables employers to protect workers. It also empowers the Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspector to search and seize facilities that are in noncompliance with regulatory policy. Under the OSHA Act, it is right for employers to demand a facility's inspection and warrant that provides details about OSHA’s likely cause to conduct an inspection. To avoid inspection or penalty imposed by OSHA and promote environmental health and safety within our company, NOYRBIZ environmental safety professional have drafted a comprehensive health and safety policy for employees and top management to implement so as to decrease deficiency and promote a culture of safety and health in the work environment for its customers and employees.
Over the years, OSHA had conducted an inspection that reveals that NOYRBIZ was in violations of OSHA policy for not complying with regulatory policy. These regulations call for the implementation of workplace safety policy through managerial leadership, as well as safety goals that seek to promote zero accident rate through training, planning and evaluation. Therefore, EHS professionals at NOYRBIZ recognizes that
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To achieve this, management needs to review diligently how they stimulate, support, provide and implement safety standards, procedures and ethical practices throughout its

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