Implement The Above Management Technique, Business Process Improvement, For Five Below, Inc.

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To implement the above management technique; business process improvement, for Five Below, Inc., it would be best to start with forming a process improvement team, instruct them and or train them in regards to business process improvement (BPI), and then create a plan of implementation. Utilizing information provided by Doss and Kamery (2006), there are steps that are needed. The first step of implementing business process improvement, the improvement must be organized. Organizing consists of constructing understanding, commitment, and understanding, which would include training, communication that is effective, a definition of what customers require and an examination of processes. The process must be understood, which this would be the…show more content…
To implement a business process improvement for Five Below, Inc., in reference to this particular issue, it would be necessary to start with the beginning of their process of accepting applications. Utilizing the steps that Doss and Kamery (2006), has provided, the following is how this business process improvement would be implemented for an effective and efficient recruitment process. As Doss and Kamery (2006), provided in their first, the organization would need to train the individuals that are in charge of accepting and reviewing applications. Communication, as well as training, is the key here. The information provided by Duffy (2016), informs that there are a variety of process improvement models (p. 40). The individuals would be trained on the privacy of receiving and reviewing information of others such as resumes and applications. Making sure that privacy laws are followed with each individual (Ledvinka, 1986, p. 25). Training these individuals not only on the limitations as to who can view applicant’s information, but training as to once an individual becomes an employee, how that information is also private and that customer information that is retrieved, such as credit cards, and or personal information is also private (Henrietta Kirkley,

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