Implementation Of A Market Testing

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Introduction Businesses over the years have learned from their mistakes, and make the necessary adjustments within their organizations to eliminate the issues and prevent them from occurring again. By conducting market testing, manufactures can collect input from the end user, then analyze the information to determine the best location to place their products for purchase. The various demands received by manufactures can be mind boggling and without proper handling it can lead to devastation. Daily, manufactures deal with internal demands from their employees; from adjusting work schedules to allow for vacations, to better healthcare insurance, or higher wages. Moreover, companies receive demands from their distributors, requesting an increase in product production to meet the demand from the retailers. Along with increase in production, there is demands for transportation, which all of these demands affect the manufacture’s bottom line and without proper planning and budgeting, these demands may lead the manufacture out of business. Product distribution is critical and when the product is not available it affects more than just the manufacture. Understanding the direct and indirect approach for distributing a product along with choosing either an extensive, intensive, or exclusive distribution channel will allow the product to reach the distributor, retailer, and consumer all while making everyone in the supply channel happy. Question 1 Manufactures can choose who
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