Implementation Of A Negotiation Is A Communication Method

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Negotiation Style A negotiation is a communication method in which several parties talk over problems and endeavor to solve them via discussion in order to reach a resolution (Lewicki, Barry, & Saunders, 2011). Negotiations occur regularly on micro and macro scales, both in the professional or personal which could be at the office and or in everyday life. Your approach and style can make the different between a make or break deal. If attaining an agreement in a negotiation is based on collaboration and collaboration is based on trust, then to be an effective negotiator you need to spawn trust between yourself and the other party. Trust comes from being natural and being yourself, not from trying to be something you’re not, a fake. Once you’re aware of your negotiation style you know what can realistically be improved and what can’t. The purpose of this paper is to outline my findings from reflective questionnaires and to compile a plan to improve on my negotiation skills. Summary of Findings We as individuals are all tested during various circumstances and given lots of occasions to test the validity of these individual characterizations, and to determine the positive and negative elements of any style that we identify. Some of the characterizations may come as second nature, while others may be uncomfortable and less desirable for an individual. With completing the two questionnaires the Personal Bargaining Inventory and the Communication Competence Scale questionnaires
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