Implementation Of A New Operating System

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Ava’s software company has received a contract to design an operating system which runs and operates a computer system used to handle stock buying and selling process. Which scheduling strategy would you recommend for this new operating system? Please support your answer and provide reasons for it. (10 points)
Ans) In the computer world, multitasking is a method where multiple tasks or processes are performed during the same period of time that is they are executed concurrently. Multitasking doesn’t necessarily means that multiple tasks are executing at exactly the same instant. As such, more than one undertaking can be part path through execution in the meantime, and that more than one errand is propelling more than a time of time is called multitasking, not at all like parallel execution. Operating system might adopt one of many scheduling strategies, which normally fall into the following categories:
1) Multiprogramming: In these systems, the running task keeps running until it performs an operation that requires waiting for an external event or until the running task is forcibly swapped out of the CPU by the computer’s scheduler. These systems are designed to maximize the processor usage.

The above figures show that memory can expand to hold three, four or more programs and switch among all of them.
2) Time-Sharing: In these systems, the running task is required to abandon the processor, either willingly or by an outside event such as hardware interrupt. Time
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