Implementation Of A Private Cloud Using Multiple Algorithms Essay

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Framework to enhance security of data in private cloud using multiple algorithms in AWS CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction of Cloud Computing “In recent 10 years, Internet has been developing very quickly. The cost of storage, the power consumed by computer and hardware is increasing. The storage space in data center can’t meet our needs and the system and service of original internet can’t solve above questions, so we need new solutions. At the same time, large enterprises have to study data source fully to support its business. The collection and analysis must be built on a new platform. Why we need Cloud Computing? It is to utilize the vacant resources of computer, increase the economic efficiency through improving utilization rate, and decrease the equipment energy consumption. Cloud Computing does not depend on special data center, but we can look it as the inevitable product of grid computing and efficiency computing. However, compared with general network service, Cloud Computing is easy to extend, and has a simple management style. Cloud is not only simply collecting the computer resource, but also provides a management mechanism and can provide services for millions of users simultaneously” [1]. “Cloud Computing‟ is the next natural step in the evolution of on-demand information technology services and products. To a large extent Cloud Computing will be based on virtualized resources” [2]. “Nowadays, virtualization is entering every field of data
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