Implementation Of A Proactive Management Model

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If this plan meets the needs of the agency, the models implementation will be coordinated with Field Services and managed by Health Protection and Environmental Health Directors to ensure an efficient and well managed transition. Major tasks include restructuring tanning, home day care, food and wastewater programs to a centralized system. 2.1 Description of Implementation The implementation plan is an Environmental Health re-structuring alternative for the Tanning, Home Day Care, Food and Wastewater programs. This model will streamline these programs to increase efficiency and oversight by management and supervisory staff. A proactive management model ensures program efficiencies through setting and communicating clear expectations including performance measures, accountability, quality of inspections, customer surveys, and training designed to help inspection team members be successful in meeting the expectations. This model ensures program standardizations and efficiencies by leveraging technology in the form of cellular mobile devices that reduce burdens on agency IT infrastructure and IT staff. The model produces increased protective measures through leveraging program expertise; more consistent interpretation of laws, rules, regulations, and policies; off-peak inspections; and focusing inspection frequency on entities that lack system level compliance. The model also provides an added benefit to the agency response and recovery resources. A new North, Central,
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