Implementation Of A Project Management System

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CONTENTS 1.0 Purpose of the Document 2 2.0 Project Delivery 3 3.0 Scope Definition 4 4.0 Financial Management 5 5.0 Project Schedule 6 6.0 Quality Management 7 7.0 Communications Plan 8 8.0 Support Plans 9 9.0 Risk Management 10 10.0 Conclusions 11 References 12 APPENDICES 13 1.0 PURPOSE OF THE DOCUMENT 2.0 PROJECT DELIVERY 3.0 SCOPE DEFINITION 4.0 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 5.0 PROJECT SCHEDULE 5.1 Overview One of the fundamental objectives of a project management system is to ensure deadlines are met on time in accordance with dates agreed by the client. This will be achieved by developing a comprehensive schedule of works with task allocations to individual team members. The time period required to complete each of the tasks…show more content…
Correct management of these activities will ensure good communication throughout the course of this project, and become a basis for innovative design solutions for complex problems. The three main meeting categories are as follows; 7.1.1 Weekly Project Meetings These meetings will be used primarily to report to the programme manager (Geoff Skates). Updates for the programme manager will be prepared prior to meetings, and will be used to verify that design decisions and workloads are still within the scope of this project. These meetings will also be used to evaluate the requirements of this project’s end deliverables, and to highlight points for discussion in team meetings. These team meetings will usually be scheduled after weekly project meetings. 7.1.2 Team Meetings Initial goals of the team meetings are to discuss the outcomes of weekly project meetings with the programme leader. How these outcomes relate to the end deliverables of the project will then form a regular evaluation and division of labour to meet set project deliverable targets. This is also the time for discussion and debate over design points relating to the top
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